PicsArt mod apk vs Pixlr

PicsArt mod Apk vs Pixlr Best Features Comparison 2024

Today, the most important information about the PicsArt apk compare with Pixlr app. In this article, I will explore and compare PicsArt mod apk vs Pixlr its help and understanding based on photo and video editing features, which application is best for photo and video editing, and both applications’ features and pros and cons. So don’t waste any more time; let’s go to the comparison and explore both applications’ capabilities, functions, and features.

PicsArt mod apk vs Pixlr

PicsArt Mod Apk

The PicsArt mod apk is one of the most popular applications, and the main goal of this app is photo and video editing. Nowadays, millions of people use PicArt for photo and video editing because it offers a mod version. The mod version provides all premium and gold features unlocked and free to use the advanced editing tools in its user-friendly application. you can use the Picsart mod in your pc the windows 10 version are available for download.

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 Pixlr App

The Pixlr application is specially programmed for photo editing and is a flexible, editable, and useable app for photography. It provides many tools and features to help in editing, including Pixlr, developed by Autodesk. Pixlr is used on Android phones, and web applications are available on Google. It prefers the user to use the app in its mobile version for easy photo capturing and editing. But as compared to PicsArt, the Pixlr app has slower and simpler features because PicsArt’s apk provides advanced levels of photo and video editing. Let’s explore some features of the Pixlr app.

PicsArt mod apk vs Pixlr Comparison with Features

User-Friendly Community

PicsArt apk: Provide a user-friendly environment and offer an online community. In which the user can easily use all features and easily understand the editing phase, it allows them to save and share the work publicly on social media platforms.

Pixlr App: It provides the user interface but lacks built-in functions on social media platforms and produces less-quality photos while sharing and saving.

Visual Effects and Stickers

PicsArt Apk: There are various types of visual effects. The user can use the graphic in photo editing and provide the extra ability to add text and graphics in the photo, some additional features like overlay, stickers, and emojis in work to make it more interesting.

Pixlr App: In this application, Pixlr offers limited features and low-quality visual effects and stickers, but it’s easy for beginners.

Advance Drawing & Paint 

PicsArt: This application allows the user to create a digital photo with the help of free advanced drawing and painting tools that help the user draw the photo, sketch shapes, and paint with different colors.

Pixlr App: Allows the user to use the advanced drawing tools, but because some features are paid, the user can’t buy the tools for colorful editing.

Collage Maker Tools

PicsArt apk: This tool allows the user to make collections of photos to convert into one frame. There are various types of layouts, backgrounds, images, and effects to generate the creative photo frame.

Pixlr app: It provides a custom collage frame for creating multiple photos into one frame.

PicsArt mod apk vs Pixlr in both app the collage maker provide its extra features

Free Subscription

PicsArt apk: It allows the user to use the mod version to unlock all features and functions without paying anything, free of cost and easy to cancel the subscription.

Pixlr: In which premium features and contents are paid for. If you want to use the premium feature to get paid for editing,


PicsArt Apk: The high security risk when you use the Modded version of PicsArt increases the chance of malware attacks.

Pixlr: It provides full security with no risk factors that affect your device when you use the premium features.

AI Empower Features

PicsArt apk: In this application, AI empowers advanced features for enhanced the old images and improve the quality.

Pixlr Does not provide AI features but allows you to enhance the quality of photos.

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Now conclude this comparison of PicsArt mod apk vs Pixlr the results is PicsArt apk one of the best photo editing application as compared to pixler because picsart mod provide the unlimited free unlocked premium and gold advanced features for changing the joker backgrounds and use the lens for enhanced the quality.

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