Cancel PicsArt Subscription

How to Cancel PicsArt Subscription in Android/IOS/Web

If you wish to cancel PicsArt Subscription in Andriod/IOS/Web for using the Gold and Premium features or if your facing the Trouble while canceling the subscription, here is the solution to follow given below steps. Here, I’ll explain how to cancel your subscription to PicsArt using any device. To delete the subscription from your mobile, web, or PC device, follow these steps. In the app, cancel your membership.

You have to download the Picsart mod apk latest version with free unlocked gold and premium features for Android and also Windows version available.

Cancel PicsArt Subscription

Cancel PicsArt Subscription In Android

There are few steps to perform and cancel your PicsArt Subscription in your andriod device.

  • Open the Playstore App
  • Click the Navigation bar.
  • Choose the three (…) dots, after which set.
  • Scroll down the subscription to
  • You will be sent to the store via the app.
  • Choose the PicArt app and deactivate your subscription. 
  • The subscription won’t appear in Your shop account after completing these procedures.

Cancel Subscription in IOS 

These are the simple steps to follow in order to cancel your picsart subscription on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Open The Settings: Launch the default “Setting” app on your iOS device.
open IOS Setting
  • ITunes & The App Store: Scroll down after selecting “iTunes & App Store” to tap. the Apple ID. Choose your Apple ID and then hit the top of the screen.
iTune and appstore 1
  • View The Apple ID: Click the “View Apple ID” link. Your Apple ID may be required to sign.
  • Open Subscription : You may get a list of all of your active app subscriptions by scrolling down and clicking the word “subscription.”
open subscription 1 1
  • Picsart Apk: Look for the PicsArt subscription in your list of installed apps and choose it.
  • Terminate Your Subscription: To stop your membership from renewing, click the ”cancel subscription” button.
verify and cancel subscription
  • Verify: When prompted, declare that you have cancelled. After that, your picsart membership will be cancelled, and you won’t get any further charges.

Note : Please be aware that in order to prevent being charged for the subsequent payment cycle, you must cancel your membership at least 24 hours prior to the renewal date.

Cancel Subscription in WEB

Terminate your subscription to PicsArt at the website.

Step 1: Go to in step one.

Step 2: Sign in with your picsart credentials.

Step 3: Press your profile picture, and then choose settings. 4. Select “Cancel Subscription” under Billing & Subscription

Pricing overview of PicsArt.

Additionally, Picsart offers a free trial. There are two editions of Picsart, each with a different pricing. We will provide you with both edition costs so you can utilize them effortlessly and seem better.

price picArt apk
  • Price of gold: $55.98 per year
  • Team Prices: $74.99 Annual
  • Starter Price: $11.99 per Month
  • You are given one free trial and one free premium version as part of the price for PicsArt.
  • It costs money to use their premium consultation version.

Please take note that the official website keeps information regarding team pricing and picsart gold up to date.

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What occurs if I remove pics?

Your whole data will be permanently deleted if you delete your Picsart account. Be careful, then.

Can Picsart be cancelled before the free trial expires?

You still have 24 hours to cancel your membership.

Is purchasing Picsart worthwhile?

Online content creation and picture and video editing are also viable uses for Picsart. It offers you many editing features.

Does Picsart renew itself automatically?

  If you have previously signed up for a premium or gold membership plan, Picsart will automatically renew your subscription and bill your payment method (such as a credit card).


The information we give you is correct and current as of 2023.if your using the latest and old version of apk no need for subscription it photo and video editing features provide the VIP benefits and also we compare with alternative editing app like picsart vs Canva but the picsart is one of the best editing app. Their subscription costs fluctuate over time, but we’ll keep you informed of any changes. the above given steps to follow and cancel picsart subscription with in few seconds. Alternatively, you may go to the official picsart website to view the most recent news and notifications.

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