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PicsArt mod apk vs Kinemaster which one is better in 2024

Today talk about the which one is better photo and video editor app on the google so to compare the PicsArt mod apk vs Kinemaster discusses their features, and platforms etc. PicsArt apk is a popular video and photo editing application that gives us all the tools and elements to edit our photos and videos in easy steps! On the other hand, Kinemaster is also an editing application that consists of some basic elements, which include photo and video editing!

PicsArt mod apk vs Kinemaster

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PicsArt mod apk vs Kinemaster Quality Features

FeaturePicsArt  apkKinemaster
Editing focusPhoto editing and many pollutionVideo editing and creation
PlatformIOS, AndroidIOS, Android
User interfaceIntuitive with a focus on creativityTimeline balance based UI for effacements
Editing toolAdvance photo many populations.
Ai tools for images
Comprehensive video editing tool
Effect and filterExtensive collections of filters and effectDiverse range of video effect and filters
CollageProduce intricate photo collageNot the primary focus
LayersSupports various layer for complex editLayer supports for advance video editing
Quality features table

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Supported Platforms

 Supported platformPicsart mod apkKinemaster
Window                                                    YesNo
Mac                                                          YesNo
Linux                                                       YesNo
I phone                                                     NoYes
Android                                                  YesYes
Chrome book                                           YesYes
Saas /web                                                  YesNo
supporting platforms

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Prices Comparison

The one of the major factor for the users to check the prices of the applications so in which provides the detailed comparisons of the PicsArt mod apk vs Kinemaster pricess are discussed below:

Prices      Picsart ApkKinemaster            
 Per month Free of cost$15.99
Free version     FreeNo
Free trial /Cancel subscription FreeNo
prices comparisons

Features Categories

CategoryPicsart mod apkKinemaster    
Ai image generator  YesYes
AI writing    YesNo
Background remo  YesNo
PicsArt mod apk vs Kinemaster tools categories

Customer Support

Picsart Customer supportAvailabilityKinemaster Customer supportAvailability
Business hours YesBusiness hours  No
24/7 live supports  Yes24/7 live supports No
Online    YesOnline  Yes
Offline  YesOffline   Yes
customers support


Template TypePicsArt TemplateKinemaster Template
Collage templatecollage with viruses layoutNot a primary components
Social media postTemplate for social media and storiesTemplate for video intros and outros
Photo framesFrames for photos with antistatic and fan stylesNot a primary components

Pros And Cons

PicsArt apk Pros

  • Picsart offers a multiple range of elements and components for both photos and videos editing.
  • Picsart making it accessible to both bagginess and more experience user using friendly.
  • This applications allows user to produce very simple collage with many layout.
  • In this applications variety of text editing components including fonts and style.

Kinemaster Pros

  • Kinemaster allow very easy to navigate interface made by accessible beginners and experience editor.
  • This apk provide different layer like text, images, videos, and effect to generate complex and visual appearing videos.
  • This app allow real time preview of your edits that will help you visualize result show.
  • Kinemaster give you multiple effect and transitions enhance videos to professional clicks.

PicsArt Cons

  • The free version version of picsart may reduced images quality wgile ads and videos.
  • Picsart allow video editing ability rebust dedicated editing software.

Kinemaster Cons

  • This app export videos not match window software.
  • The advanced features are paid and contain more space

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Editing Comparisons

in this section to compare the PicsArt mod apk vs Kinemaster editing features and components, tools, like photo editing video editing are compared below:

Photo Editing

  • In PicsArt:  we can edit the photo very easily with easy steps in which we take a photo, use all the tools, apply the best filter to the photo, set it to our own style, and make it a beautiful click. In which we can also change the photo background easily!
  • In Kinemaster: you put the photo on this app, choose the tool for editing, and you can also use their filters to make your photo according to your choice!

Brushes and drawing

  • In PicArt: you can draw directly on your photo with different brushes to give it a different look to your photo.
  • In Kinemaster: you can use the draws and brushes to give numerous shapes and styles to your photo, but the PicsArt draws and brushes are very easy to use.

Text Overlay

  • PicsArt :You can add your text to your photo in numerous colours, styles, and fonts. Your text on your photo makes it impressive. You can text quotes, poems, signatures, songs, etc. that make your image glamorous! You can add these texts
  • Kinemaster: in this app and edit your image, but in PicsArt, you can very easily text your photos!


  • PicsArt Apk : This app allows for numerous stickers,like animated emojis, and you can also download your favourite stickers and apply them to your photo.
  • Kinemaster: In which are numerous in number and available in various forms and funny sticker emoji stickers.

Collage Creator

  • The PicsArt app provides numerous layouts and styles to combine multiple images into a single photo.
  • Kinemaster: also has some collage layouts in this comparison.

Cutout Component

  • PicsArt apk : You can easily remove the unwanted background from the image by cutting it out and adding the new background to the beautiful scene in your image.
  • Kinemaster : you can also download your own background wallpapers for your gallery and add them to your photos.

Remix & Community

  • Picsart apk: allows you to remix and collaborate on photos with amazing components shared with other users, enriching the community.
  • Kinemaster: need the special permission to enable the remixing.

Frame and Mask

  • PicsArt apk: Allows you to add different frames to give the image a gorgeous look and unique style. You can also add masks and borders to make your photo more impressive.
  • Kinemaster: you can apply your favorite frames from the gallery!in kinemaster there are limited mask design.

Cut & Trimming

  • PicsArt : This app allows you to directly cut and trim the clips. You can easily remove unwanted sections and add new clips to your video.
  • Kinemaster: its provide the clip art editing feature to trim and cut the video but take time.


Now conclude this comparisons of the both applications are PicsArt mod apk vs Kinemaster discussed their features and tools, pricing, categories, editing components, are explored and identified the picsart mod apk are one of the best editing as compared to Kinemaster app, so now if your thinking to try these interesting app to go the Home page and download the picsart mod apk file with latest version.

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