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Best Way To Restored and Enhanced Old Images in Picsart 2024

Are you worried about your old damage photo don’t wanna loose your picture so here is the solution, simply restored and enhanced old images You don’t need to save money to purchase high-end quality cameras to make elegant photos and for the photography. Here, we will provide you download picsart mod apk where you can easily restore and enhance your old and favorite photos with high quality & resolution. You can also use AI Tools for images online to enhance your photos quickly With some advanced fonts for styling and desgining.

 restored and enhanced old images

An Easy method To Restored and Enhanced Old Images

The one of the most common question about in photo and video editing features of picArt mod apk there are advance levels of the features, tools, are available.

Here, we will provide you with an easy method to clear old and blurred images with easy steps.

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Step 1: Open the picsart apk

Click on the app on your mobile & select the old photo that you want to clear & restore.

Open picsart apk app
  • select your images for restoration and enhancing.
choose your photo for restored

Step 2: HDR

Apply the HDR & adjust the blur effect and preview.

adjust the HDR

Step 3: Drawn

 After the enhancement, your pic is ready to be restored from an old one to a new one. Apply a Drawn effect on your enhanced old image and adjust various colors on your picture, like blue, red, green, etc., to give an elegant color to your image.

Apply the drawn

Step 4: Skin Tone

 Apply a skin tone effect on your old photo & adjust the skin color to your old photo, which looks like a new one. Because during the restored and enhanced old images the one do the best feature to use the skin tone it 70% convert into realistic image

apply skin tone

Step 5: Eye Color

This app allows you a variety of eye colors and lenses to apply to your photo, which gives a new look to your image. Choose the specific eye color and apply it to your pic, which suits you well and gives you a new look.

eye color set

Step 6: Hair Color

Select the elegant hair color and apply it to your old photo, which gives you a good and charming look.

set hair colors

Step 7: Eyebrows

Choose the perfect eyebrows that suit the better look of your new picture. You can also adjust them. These features provide you with various colors. And apply it.

eye brow

Step 8: Draw

 Pic a unique color for the lips and draw on it like red. Pic after applying it, adjust it with your set function so you can increase and decrease their capacity.

draw image

Step 9: Filters

Apply the best filter to the look of your picture. Adjust the filter, which gives a new look to your image. This app allows you to use various elegant filters to make the project good.


Step 10: Colour Splash

With these features, you have to use many colors to change clothes and dress colors. You can choose the provided color and download your favorite color, too.

color splash
  • Adjust the dress color
apply color
  • Set the color Opacity on your dress
adjust colors

Step 11: Texts

You will write text on your edited picture. You can also write something which you want with various. Texts give a stylish look to your image.

text on image

Step 12: Cutout

This app allows you to cut and remove the background easily. You can use their provided various backgrounds, or you can also choose your favorite gallery background and apply it.

cutout image 1

Step 13: Add image

This app allows you to insert new photos to add to this photo from your gallery pictures. You can also add a download image to your project.

add image

Step 14: Border

Your old picture can give a modern look by adding various borders. You can also change the border style on your image and apply it to it.

image border 1

Step 15: Save and share

After the editing, you can save the image on your gallery, and you can also share it directly to your various platforms.

Save and share

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How do I recover photos from picsart apk?

You can recover your missing image in various folders. Sometimes, I catch deleted photos by going to the Android folder and checking the catch folder. On the other hand, you can also recover your photos from the recycle bin.

How do I restore my old photo?

You can restore your old image to a new one. Open the picsart apk choose your old image; before the restoration process, you need to enhance the image with HDR. After that, you apply filters and effects, change your hair color, change your eye color, and use drawn and Fxs to make your photo from old to new.

How do I enhance my blurred photo?

You can easily clear your blurred photo with the picsart apk; you need to choose your blurred image and apply it on its HDR effect, preview it, and save it on your gallery.

Can I use AI for picture high resolution?

Yes, you can use AI online to increase the quality of your image by seeing ads to unlock the high-resolution feature and apply it to your images.

Will my original photo be damaged during the photo restoration process?

No, during the restoration, you don’t need to worry about your picture being damaged. Upload a photo and use AI online, enhance it, and save it.

How long does the photo restoration process take?

It takes just a few seconds to restored and enhanced old images into an elegant image. It also saves you time and money.

What types of damage can be repaired with a picsart apk?

All types of damaged and blurred photos you can easily restore with easy steps.

How to make a blurry picture clear?

You can clear your blurry image, choose a blurry image in picsart, apply HDR effect on it, and preview it.


The Picsart apk restoration process gives a new shape and a new one; when you restored and enhanced old images something old into a new one with a modern look and design and appliy the top lens and effects to improve the enhancement, it makes you an experienced editor, and you will perceive a skill that helps you in various parts of life. Your restoration project gives you a belief you are a professional photographer; every successful project builds your self-confidence and believe in yourself.

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